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Parking Lot Reminders

We feel it is very important that you and your child review the rules for arriving and leaving the school safely.  Please note that the local police department does patrol our school area.  Be sure that you pick up your child promptly if they aren’t walking home, there is NO SUPERVISION on campus after 2:30.  Please cooperate fully with the Heritage Staff on parking lot patrol as they have your child’s safety as their highest priority.  If you are interested in joining our staff in “parking lot safety”, please call the school office.

Skateboards, roller blades and skates are PROHIBITED on school grounds AT ALL TIMES.

  • Students
  1. All students will cross the street in marked crosswalks only.
  2. Students are to follow the directions of the staff on duty.
  3. Only 4th and 5th Grade students may ride bicycles to school without parent supervision, and they must wear a helmet.
  4. Students riding bicycles are to ride in the same direction as traffic, walk bicycles in the crosswalks to cross streets, and walk their bicycles when on any part of the campus.


  1. If parents park in the parking lot, parents must escort their child in the parking lot and cross at the designated/marked crosswalk ONLY.
  2. Please arrange a meeting place with your child in case of rain.  Students may not come into the office every time it rains to call home.
  3. Do not double park in front of the school or in the parking lot.  Double parking is illegal.
    1. Enter the parking lot by going through the turn around area in the front of the school.
  1. No parking in the drop off zones.  If you plan to leave your car, park in the designated parking places only. Do not park in a marked “STAFF” stall. Our parking lot is monitored by the Tustin Police Department.  Visitors parking in a staff space or parking illegally are subject to citation.        
  2. On rainy days, try to stagger your arrival time.  Students need to wait under a protected area.  Please be patient and vigilant during arrival and dismissal times.
  3. Do not drop off or pick up students in the red zone NO PARKING, LOADING OR UNLOADING IN ANY RED ZONE.  Loading and unloading in designated zones only.