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Forms and Policies

Heritage Elementary Dress Code Uniform Procedure

Heritage Elementary School requests that all students wear the school uniform. A school uniform helps promote pride and professionalism and reminds us all that our primary focus is on academics. The quality of work students produce at school is affected by their personal appearance. Students will dress with reasonable standards of cleanliness and modesty. Clothing and hairstyles are to be worn that will not draw the undue attention of peers or be distracting to class instruction.

The Heritage Look

  • Shirts, polo shirts or blouses should be solid red, white, gray, navy or light blue. A Heritage T-shirt or sweatshirt is always acceptable. “Spirit Wear” will be for sale the first month of school.
  • Khaki or navy blue shorts, pants, skirts, skorts or jumpers (Blue/red plaid is acceptable for skorts, skirts and jumpers.)
  • Pants should fit well. No loose pants or sweatpants; belts are not required.
  • Shoes must be closed-toed; tennis shoes are most appropriate
  • Any color socks are acceptable
  • Coats, jackets or sweaters of any color can be worn
  • Girls may wear bike shorts/leggings to school under skirts and jumpers only
  • Friday’s are Free-Dress days

Students that arrive at school out of uniform will be asked to call their parents to have a uniform brought to them at school.

The Heritage parent community selected to include a uniform policy for our new school to support a rigorous, positive school environment. The team noted that:

  • Uniforms make the choice of what children wear faster and easier
  • They can be less expensive
  • Students look neat and well dressed.
  • Research shows children wearing uniforms focus more on academics and good behavior
  • Uniforms build cohesiveness amongst students