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Mathematics is the final core element of a STEAM school, emphasizing the logic and reasoning of in-depth mathematical study. At Heritage Elementary, we are utilizing the instructional philosophy, Cognitively Guided Instruction. Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) encourages ingenuity, communication, and reasoning in mathematics.

CGI is a philosophy and method of teaching math that allows students to deeply explore a math problem through problem solving and differentiated number sets. The method aligns with the developmental stages of math learning, beginning with students building number sense and one-to-one correspondence, growing to the eventual use of algorithms. Students build reasoning through writing and sharing their mathematical thinking, justifying their response.


    Learning math is very beneficial because it teaches you logic and order. Certain mathematical equations have predictable outcomes, with precise steps that you must follow in order to achieve the desired result. Other mathematical equations require more logical and critical thinking in order to attain the desired result. Children develop a disciplined mind that can carry over into their everyday life.

    We constantly apply math to our daily lives. Whether it is calculating money, following a recipe with the use of fractions, evaluating clearance sales, managing a budget, etc., math pertains to everyone. Children are taught mathematical skills in early elementary grades and their skills progress in their later grades. Developing mathematical skills at such an early age is advantageous for the “real world” and it allows children to lead successful lives.

    Even entry-level jobs seemingly unrelated to math, require math skills. Whether you work as a sale’s representative in a department store or as a waiter in a restaurant, math pertains to your job. You need to be able to apply discounts to sale items or calculate the food bill or tip. Developing math skills at an early age has proven to be beneficial for the future of those who continue to learn and excel in mathematics.